About Company

Want to avoid the crowded public transport and rental cars? Want to have a quick way to access the hidden parts of the city?  Ride a Vespa!

Our company name is “Rent a Vespa Belgrade” and we are located in the Belgrade city center. We are a young company founded in 2018.

Rent one of our brand new vespas and enjoy the freedom that it will provide you while cruising through Belgrade’s narrow streets and hidden locations. Breathe in Belgrade from another point of view. We offer you individual rentals or private tours upon request.

Our motto is: “Ask us, and we will make it possible”. See you soon! 

About Owners

“Rent a Vespa Belgrade” is a privately own company. It was founded by a young married couple located in Belgrade.

We enjoy both traveling and riding a Vespa. The rental store idea was born from our passion for Vespa which we would like to share with our clients.

We traveled all around Europe on Vespa. We ride and enjoy the Vespa every day. We want you to experience the same in our city. See you. 

About Belgrade

Located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers, Belgrade is one of the oldest and largest urban towns on the Balkans.

Belgrade is an educational, cultural, scientific and financial center of Serbia. One of the most famous writers in Serbia Dusko Radovic once said:

„Whoever had been lucky to wake up in Belgrade this morning, could be satisfied that for today he achieved enough in life. Any further insistence on something more, would be immodest.”

The most famous attractions in Belgrade that you don’t want to miss are: Cathedral of St. Sava, Museum of Contemporary Art, Avala tower, Gardos tower, Kalemegdan fortress, Skadarlija Street, Beton Hala area, Ada Ciganlija, Republic Square, National Assembly etc.

And most important thing, all of this you can visit on a Vespa!